Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Much to Report Today

Hi gang-

We had nurses stop by on Friday and Sunday to redress his wound.  I'm giving him his Leukine without a problem.

We were at Tulane at 8am for bloodwork.  A couple hours later, Amy informed us that the stem cells haven't moved into the blood stream yet.  Nor have new White Cells, so his immune system is compromised.

We have to return on Wednesday morning to try again.  Hopefully they'll be able to collect them then.

She's checking with Dr. Safah whether or not we can get a room in a Biloxi casino on the day that we go to see the Veteran's Oncologist.  Christine is flying in on Thursday for 3 weeks, so we'd like to whoop it up a little bit!  

Dunno if I mentioned this already.....  Dr. Culasso said to have a bottle of water in between every couple of beers.  We don't want him fainting again!  Too much sun and fun!

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