Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Very Pleasant Weekend

Happy Sunday, gang.  All is well here.

Yesterday, the three of us ventured into Bogalusa to have a few beers with the Saturday L&C crowd.... all of the usual suspects were there.  Earlier, Richard McM called us, offering to spring for a cab to come and get us....if Dom didn't feel up to driving.  We love that man.  A dear, true friend.

So, caught up on the local gossip, then headed over to Maria's for some pretty decent food.  Dom and I had the chicken fajitas.... brought more than half home.  Christine did a cheese quesadilla, thought it was "OK".

We're dying for the Mexican joint next door to the L&C to open...They're looking at July 1st.  The place is called Yo Yo's.  Had a tiny little place in Bogy, and ended up buying their new building from the owner of the L&C.  Unfortunately, when they open, I'll be a "Metairie Girl", but can always try take-out from time to time.

Today, Sunday, is Father's Day.  Christine is going to make blueberry pancakes, bacon and baked cheese grits for her dad tonite.  Sounds fun.

Dom finished his 10 days of IV antibiotics a few minutes ago.  Home Health is swinging by tomorrow to draw some blood to confirm that the Staph Infection is gone.  *she types hopefully*

Hope y'all have had a lovely weekend.  Ours has been just great!

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