Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tubing on the Bogue Chitta

Well, Christine, Richard McM and I really whooped it up on Monday.

Got to the Tubing joint around 9am, hopped on the van to take us up-river, then made our splash around 10 am.

Had a ridiculous amount of beer for the 3 of us.

Spent EIGHT HOURS on the river.  Stopped for awhile at every "beach"....smoking, drinking beer, giggling, gossiping, etc.  Had a delightful time.  It was great fun to blow off some steam after a few extremely stressful months.

Ended up at the L&C for a quick one, then picked up Popeyes for home.  

Yesterday, Tuesday, I stayed in bed until early afternoon.  Christ, did I get FRIED.  Had chills, sweats, nausea.... all the fun stuff from sun-poisoning.  HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

Home Health Nurse came yesterday afternoon to take blood culture (?).  Checking to see if the Staph Infection is gone.

Our patient feels pretty darn good.  Back to Tulane for the entire day tomorrow.  Blood Work, as well as a repeat of all of those tests from about a month ago..... skeletal, brain, heart and lungs.

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