Thursday, June 4, 2009

Leukine, White Blood Cells and Stem Cells

Well, I just hung up the phone with Dom's Amy.  (As opposed to Nan's Amy in Ohio)  She said that we'll be getting another shipment of Leukine delivered tomorrow...... just in case.

She'll test his blood again tomorrow morning.  If the stem cells aren't there, we head back in on Monday morning.   They want to catch them during the right time of the cycle...  I laughed and said, "Well, I guess he's worth all of this running around".  She replied, "You're fixin' to find out just HOW MUCH you like him".  Funny.

I asked her about White Blood Cell counts.  Monday was .6   Wednesday was .4  Theoretically, when they drop down to "nothing", the Stem Cells will burst onto the scene.  She also went on to say that they could run 10 bloodtests on him during the same day, and the counts might be all over the place.

Been on a semi cleaning-frenzy.... for both health reasons, and the fact that Christine is flying into town this afternoon and will be here tomorrow night or Saturday.  Yippee.

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