Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything Seems to be Falling into Place- Thankfully!

Hi gang-

Things are groovy here.  All is well.  Dom is feeling well, I'm having no problems with administering meds, and Christine has been a wonderful help to her 95 year old grandmother.

I just returned from securing the Gatehouse's last 1 bedroom apartment.  I'm absolutely tickled.  It's the floorplan that I wanted with the open kitchen and balcony off of the bedroom.  Nice and shady, too!

I was happy to see that nobody uses their pools.  Can't wait.

I'm going to call my sanitizing guy soon and get his thoughts on when to have him do his thing.... I'm thinking right before Dom gets sprung from Tulane.  I'll trust his judgement, as he's dealt with many cancer victims.

Heading to Biloxi VA for obligatory visit to their Oncologist on Thursday.

Richard McM is coming out to see how Dom wants the "lawn" cut in our absence.

Tentative date of July 12th for his admitance into Tulane, with transplant 5 days later....after 4 days of radiation, twice per day to wipe out his bone marrow.  *cringing*

Keep the good thoughts and prayers coming, guys.... you're working wonders and we love you for it!

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