Friday, June 12, 2009

Pic Line, Discharge and Radiation Consult

Hi gang-

Our patient is home, safe and sound.

I spent the night at Lovely Linda's on Wed.  Had the whole house to myself.  'twas heavenly.

Got to Dom on Thursday morning to find that they had placed a Pic Line in his arm.  Took xrays of it to be certain of its' placement, then discharged him.

Dr. Lewis walked us over to the Cancer Center for our noon appointment with the Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Elnaggar.  Sweet gal.  Spent about 30 minutes giving us acute reactions to radiation... nausea, fatigue, reddening of skin.   Then went into POSSIBLE long term scenarios.... Cataracts in 10 or 15 years, Pneumonitis (inflamation) of the lungs,  creation of a secondary cancer, you get the idea-  Christ.... I haven't cringed so often in my life!

He is going to return on July 8th to get "measured" for treatment... height, weight, etc.

Left there and stopped at Picayune Drug Company for Home Health supplies-  saline, Heparin and 10 "bulbs" of Vancomycin (antibiotic drip).  Been working with the owner, Andrew.  Lovely man.

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