Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Day -1" was a BREEZE!

We had a great day today. Dom looked and felt GREAT. Flew through both of his radiation treatments.... didn't need any breaks. Great appetite. His normal charming self. The erotic sponge bath that I gave him didn't hurt! *grinning* We even did some walking today.

Had a talk with "my John" this morning. Apparently, something showed up elevated, signaling a possible problem with his Kidneys. (From the chemo and drugs). They did an ultrasound. Got him on alot of fluid drips. Theoretically, the condition will heal itself. Said this was probably no big deal, and not to freak out over it. Have I mentioned how crazy about John I am????? *grinning*

For those of you following his bloodwork:

HCT: 24.3
WBC: 4.1

Because his HCT dipped below 25, he got 2 units of Red Blood Cells

Tomorrow will be his big day. His "new birthday". Transplant is scheduled for 11am. Depending on how many they give him, the infusion will take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours.

I'm not allowed in his room while they do it. There'll be a shitload of nurses- constantly checking vital signs.

The room becomes spic and span tomorrow. I'm no longer allowed to eat or drink anything in there. I'll be curious to see how close I can get to him. He's in the back of the room with his own air filtration set-up. There's a glass partition that pretty much cuts the room in half...with an opening. I can drink my coffee, etc, in that area.

It was explained to me that tomorrow will be a piece of cake... just like getting a couple of units of blood. The "shit will hit the fan" in the coming days/weeks.

Taking my laptop in with me tomorrow, so will report. Going to spend time with Dom in the a.m., get thrown out of his room, then visit after transplant.

Today was really, really UPBEAT.

Keep the prayers coming. We love you guys!



JANIE said...

Tell Dom Happy New Birthday for us! Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So, will he be one, or zero years?!?! All this waiting, and its finally time. I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow.

No No said...

Thanks, girls! Finishing up my last cup and then headed to NOLA. Jill: He'll have NO immune system... even a newborn has some. He'll need to get all of his childhood immunizations again! Unreal!

Jennifer said...

Jill I think he will be 1 year old next July 17. We're gonna have a HUGE party then. You're in my thoughts today and every day.