Thursday, July 23, 2009

Radiation is a BITCH.....

Dom's hurting. He's developed Mucucitis. His mouth and throat have developed ulcers making it difficult to swallow even a pill. Only time will heal it, but in the meanwhile, they've given him a "Magic Mouthwash" with Lanacain and Benedryl (spelling???) that numbs his throat, thus allowing him to swallow without pain.

Needless to say, he's not eating, but sucking down Ensure, trying to get calories.

Spent less than 2 hours with him this morning, as he felt weak and wanted to try to sleep.


Wed. Day +5
HCT: 23.7 (received 2 units of red blood cells)
WBC: 0.2
ANC: 0

Thurs. Day +6
HCT: 26
WBC: 0.1
ANC: 0
PLATELETS: 9 (received platelets)

Went to the theatre to see Dirty Truth last night... special sneak preview viewing. Great flick. Very vulgar comedy. Opens Friday. Rated R. I liked it much more than the critics did!

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Jennifer said...

I'm cringing for poor Uncle Dom. That has got to be God awful. We're wishing both of you some brighter days to come! Much love from the gang in Cincinnati.