Monday, July 6, 2009

Our First Overnighter at the New Apartment

We had a GREAT DAY yesterday!

Got an early start, and got across the Causeway for 11am. We decided to stop for lunch at Mr. Gyros on West Esplanade and Causeway. When we walked in, we were the only ones there... shortly after 11am. Cute, cute place. White tablecloths, fresh flowers on each table.

We each ordered a beer and a gyro. OMG! The sandwich was out of this world. They used both lamb AND beef....the meat practically melted in your mouth. As tender as could be. Served with excellent fat-fries.... steaming hot, right out of the fryer.

By the time we left, the joint was filling up. I can understand why. I told the gal that I'd be back.

Then something amusing..... we had to go a couple of blocks West before we could pop a U-Turn to head back to Causeway Blvd. Christ! There was restaurant, after restaurant, after restaurant. I was oooohing and ahhhhing at all of the fun places to eat. Like a kid in a candy store.... or like Nanette at a martini bar.....anyway........

After "restaurant row", we passed "ROSIE'S" Fashions for full figured/portly broads. Dom made it a point to comment that if I didn't cool it, I'd be buying my clothes there. *smiling*

Spent a couple hours drinking beer with Chris, who came for a fun visit.

At shortly after 4pm, my sanitizing guy showed up. What a little doll. Only 25 years old, and one heck of a work ethic! He really went to work. Left us extra stuff. Before he fogged the joint, he asked us to go hang out at the pool for awhile. I asked him if I could just cut him a check at that time. He sheepishly said, "How does $300 sound". You could have knocked me over with a feather! I never once asked him about money, because it didn't wasn't an issue... it would be what it would be.... I asked him if HE was OK with only $300. He's a little doll!

Got a pizza delivered at about 9pm. Hated it. Can't think of the name of the joint.... maybe "ROMA". Twenty bucks for the smallest "Large Deluxe" pizza I've ever seen. Very little sauce. Very thin crust. I need to find a local joint that I like.

Cable guy came this morning, and moved so fast to hook up cable and internet, that my head spun. When he left, Dom and I looked at each other and literally started laughing.... "Ummmm...... what the hell just happened here?????". I THINK I got the packages that I wanted. Time will tell!

Went to our post office to arrange to have mail delivered the 1 day per week that I'll be coming home. That'll work out great. All that I have to do is call them the day before, and they'll deliver.

So, was a good day. The shit hits the fan on Wednesday.

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JANIE said...

So glad to hear about the smooth transition into the apartment. The town sounds great too! Good luck on Wednessday.