Friday, July 24, 2009

Have I Mentioned that RADIATION IS A BITCH?

Oh, guys.... my poor Dom is miserable!

The ulcers that started in his mouth, have moved throughout his body..... all the way down into his bowels. He's in great distress/pain.

They cut off his food and water this morning for "a few days" to give his gut a rest. Non-stop diarrhea- let's just say "explosive".

Talked to Dr. Safah today. She's a bit concerned about the tenderness near his appendix. She ordered a stomach MRI to check for appendicitis. We do NOT want that. He has no immune system, and it wouldn't be good to open him up.

Thankfully, his nurse, Teresa (who both of us adore) said that the pain and tenderness is from the radiation. No his appendix. She's seen it before. Also went on to say that "things will get even worse before they get better". *sighing*

Another strange thing is the development of quarter-sized water blisters along his left waistline. Teresa said that they're pumping him so full of liquids, that it's basically causing these blisters.

Will update when I know something later. Going to call the nurse around 6 pm.

Today's numbers:
Day +7
HCT 25.8
WBC 0.1
PLATELETS 17 Got platelets, bringing him up to 37. Getting one more dose later.

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