Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day +2 All is fine

Hello, gang-

Just returned from Tulane. Dom is doing just fine. His doctors are pleased, and his numbers are just where they expected them to be.

Once his white blood cells reach ZERO, he'll be at "Nadir". (The low point of a curve). He's almost there:

HCT: 27.3
WBC: 0.8
ANC: 710
PLATELET: 38 (if/when he dips below 10, he'll have to get a couple units of Platelets)

I'm done with the hospital for the day. Lovely Linda is coming over soon, and we're going to frolic in the pool, and head up to Oscar's on Metairie Road for an "Oscarletta".... mufaletta on French. Yummy!

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