Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Patient is doing WELL!

Let's see...where to start-

All of his Kepivance treatments last weej went very smoothly. Less than an hour from start to finish. His mouth and tongue felt "chalky" to him on Sat. night. No big deal.

He was admitted on Sunday: Room 6225 Direct Phone Line- (504) 988-5276 (for those of you guys who know our Dom!)

He had Chemo on Sunday PM. A drug called "MELPHA". He didn't get ill. Hurray!

I spent a couple of hours with him, then came home, made gaspacho (this eating out constantly is making me feel a bit tubby.... just call me "Jumbo"), then did 30 lengths in the pool.

This morning, I headed to a local Chevy dealership.... on the way to the hospital yesterday morning, my "Check Engine Soon" light came on. Talk about shitty timing. I was certain that I'd breakdown in a bad neighborhood on Tulane. Alas, my little car made it home.

So- spent over FIVE hours at the dealership. Couldn't even tell you what was wrong.... told 'em to FIX IT. Something about fuel injectors or points, or some other kind of boy-stuff. Anyway, the car is running great.

Because of all of the waiting, I blew off Tulane today.

Dom had 2 radiation treatments today. So far, so good. He kept down breakfast, and is going to attempt a late lunch.

So.... all good things to report today!

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