Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Wednesday, gang!

All is OK here. Dom is resting comfortably in a chair next to his window...enjoying the a cat. *smiling*

Stopped in yesterday morning to bring him a newspaper and a McDonald's "sweet tea". He hates the canned Lipton stuff that they have at Tulane.

Much to my dismay, he was a MESS. Running a fever. Chilled. Having difficulty eating.

I found my John and he gave me a long talk. Said that he feared that they failed to inform me of what was to come. At that point, one of Dom's docs that I don't really care for, interrupted with "I TOLD him yesterday.....blah, blah, blah". I said to the guy "Well, ANOTHER doctor TOLD ME that he might breeze through this stage". That shut him up.

John went on to explain what was going on with his body....last week's radiation and chemo has caught up with him. He has no immune system now. The radiation causes sores and tears in the stomach wall. (normally a coating of mucus protecting the stomach lining). Bacteria (from inside his bowels) found their way into these openings. Again, to be expected. Luckily, they know how to treat this. He went on to say that another Doc never should have told me such a thing....with total body irradiation, this is what happens. (I didn't mention the doc's name as I like the guy). So, giving him antibiotics to stop the bacteria from going crazy in his body. It will be up to Dom's bloodcells to fight the infection, which will come in time.

His numbers YESTERDAY morning:

Day +4
HCT: 26.5
WBC: 0.1
ANC: 0
Platelets: 10 (Received some platelets yesterday)

After a short visit, I hit the road. Stopped at the L&C for 2 beers and a nice visit with Skeet and Pat. Bought them a round on the way out.

Got home to find that Richard McM had done a lovely job on the lawn.

I've still got 4 sassy cats. Geez, I miss them. We had quite the "love-in".

Both of my phone lines were knocked out.... noticed that Coast Electric was trimming trees underneath our power lines. They must have run over a pedestal or something. Anyway, had a pleasant day with the television and cats.

Got an early start today....packed up some frozen food for the apartment, did a little banking, ran into horrific traffic in Mandeville, and am now at the apartment.

Called Dom. He's feeling MUCH better. Ate breakfast, although with difficulty. He's having problems swallowing...again from the radiation and meds that he's on.

Going to go see a movie with Linda tonite, then hit the road early tomorrow...back to my sweetie.

Love to all of you!


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JANIE said...

Hang in there guys.-Janie