Thursday, July 9, 2009

Radiation Measurements, Kepivance and High Speed!

Hello, friends and family:

Posting this entry via my Cox Cable High Speed Modem. HOTCHA!

All is well here. We got an early start yesterday. Said goodbye to my darling kitties, and hit the road for NOLA. Dom had an 11am appointment with the radiation department. They didn't get to him until after noon.

They took every measurement imaginable, as well as a chest xray. Had a team of several guys working on him. They explained to us that they'll be building "blocks" to fit his body.... since he's having TOTAL BODY radiation, they need to protect some vital organs.

After that, we had to stick around another half and hour or so until the doc took a look at the xray.

Headed into Metairie, and made a GREAT stop. A beer joint with food on Metairie Road....OSCAR'S. We had a beer and split an "Oscarlotta"..... Muffaletta Po Boy. Best flippin' sandwich that I've had for years!

Came home and struggled with my internet connection. Finally got things right.... had a few beers and hit the sack by 10 pm.

Today, had a quick day at Tulane. Got his first infusion of Keptivance. So far, so good. Stopped for a quickie oil change, then picked up some resin patio furniture.

Going to have a sandwich and a few beers at the City Diner this afternoon.... then home for BIG BROTHER at 7pm!

All is well, guys.... will report soon. Love to all of you.

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